Tynwald backs widening Manx Covid response review

time:2023-06-10 21:32:58source:Al Jazeera author:news

A review into the actions of the Isle of Man government during the coronavirus pandemic has been expanded.

Tynwald backed changes to the probe by Kate Brunner KC, who requested it be widened to cover December 2019 up to the removal of restrictions in April.

The independent probe had previously been due to cover up to September 2021.

Home Affairs Minister Jayne Poole-Wilson said the changes would see the review cover "the entirety of government's response".

The changes to the review also give Ms Brunner the power to decide which evidence she may publish while considering confidentially, practicality and cost.

The tweaked remit of the probe also give Council of Ministers and Tynwald Public Accounts Committee (PAC) the power to make further changes to its terms of reference without parliamentary approval.

Ms Poole-Wilson said this was a "timely" way of making other changes if needed as the review progresses.

PAC chairman Juan Watterson SHK said the committee acknowledged its role in "ensuring the independence of the review".

Tynwald had backed the review in November 2021 as an alternative to a "costly and lengthy" public inquiry, Ms Poole-Wilson said.

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