Village war memorial is revamped and rededicated

time:2023-06-10 22:10:41source:Al Jazeera author:Press center6

A village war memorial that has stood for more than 100 years has been rededicated.

A group of friends came together to help upgrade the memorial in Haughley, Suffolk, which was originally dedicated in 1920.

It had been rededicated in 1955 when names from those who lost their lives in World War Two were added.

The revamped memorial recognises the conflicts from 1945 up to Afghanistan on flag stones.

Margaret Buttle, from the Friends of Haughley War Memorial, said: "It's all about remembering what these boys went through and what they are still going through.

"It's our heritage and the children, as they grow up, need to be able to see it and to learn," she added.

Mrs Buttle said the memorial, in the churchyard to St Mary's Church, had been made bigger and wheelchair friendly.

She said it had also been cleaned, all the names had been repainted and errors had been rectified.

The group raised £7,500 for the project and further funding came through developments in the village.

A service was held as it was rededicated on Saturday.

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