Queen Consort Camilla tests positive for Covid

time:2023-06-10 21:53:17source:Al Jazeera author:Press center5

Camilla, the Queen Consort, has tested positive for Covid, Buckingham Palace has announced.

She is said to be suffering cold symptoms and has cancelled her public engagements for the week.

The Queen Consort, aged 75, had already pulled out of a planned visit to the West Midlands on Tuesday.

She has previously had Covid and is understood to be fully vaccinated and is said to be in "good spirits" and resting.

Buckingham Palace had initially said the Queen Consort was cancelling a trip because of a "seasonal illness", but she has subsequently tested positive for Covid.

Camilla had previously tested positive almost exactly a year ago, with her husband, then Prince Charles, also catching Covid in the same outbreak in February 2022.

But royal sources say that this week there are no changes planned for King Charles' engagements.

The couple have urged people to get the Covid vaccine and have both had their booster jabs.

About one million people in the UK had coronavirus in the week to 31 January, according to estimates from ONS's most recent infection survey - which is about one in 65 people.

In England, latest data shows about 96% of people in Camilla's 75-79-year-old age group are vaccinated, with 78.7% having their most recent vaccination three to six months ago.

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