Invites begin for Wales autumn Covid booster

time:2023-06-10 22:56:43source:Al Jazeera author:news

Appointments are now being offered for the autumn Covid booster vaccine.

Vaccinations will begin next month and all adults over the age of 50 in Wales will be offered the jab by the end of November.

Those eligible will also be offered a flu vaccine by the end of December as the country is being warned about "much higher or unseasonal flu activity".

Over 18s will initially be offered the Moderna vaccine with Pfizer for younger people.

The Welsh government said eligible adults over 18 would initially be offered the Moderna vaccine which protects from both the original virus and the Omicron variant.

Those eligible for the autumn Covid booster are:

Wales' Minister for Health and Social Services, Eluned Morgan, said: "As the UK moves from a period of pandemic emergency response to recovery, our focus will be on protecting those in society who continue to be more at risk of severe COVID-19.

"Vaccines have had an enormous impact on the course of the pandemic and have helped to weaken the link between the virus, serious illness, hospitalisations and death.

"They have saved countless lives and given us the freedom and confidence to restart our lives.

"I urge anyone who is eligible and invited to have the autumn booster this year to take up the offer and I thank everyone working on the vaccination programme in Wales."

The Welsh government is aiming to reach 75% of those who are eligible.

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